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Here is a list of Horses in Training at Arthington Barn

Name Age Owner
Ad Libitum (GB) 3 The Roses Partnership & R G Fell
Admirality (GB) 4 Mr R. G. Fell
Al Ozzdi (GB) 3 Northern Marking Ltd & Partners
ex Antique (IRE) 2 Mr R. G. Fell
Beadlam (IRE) 5 Arthington Barn Racing
Benaras (USA) 3 Geoff & Sandra Turnbull
Burnt Sugar (IRE) 6 Middleham Park Racing XL & Partner
Club Wexford (IRE) 7 Mr C. Varley
Cockalorum (IRE) 3 No Current Ownership
Count Montecristo (FR) 6 Ventura Racing (Monty) & Partner
Cross Swords (GB) 3 The First of May Crew & Partner
Daawy (IRE) 4 Hollowdean
Dancing Mountain (IRE) 2 Mr R. G. Fell
Dapper Man (IRE) 4 Colne Valley Racing & Partner
Dommersen (IRE) 5 Middleham Park Racing (X) & Partner
Elixsoft (IRE) 3 Middleham Park Racing CXIII & Partner
Elusive Heights (IRE) 5 Middleham Park Racing LXI & Partner 2
Fard (GB) 3 Northern Marking Ltd & Partners
Geography Teacher (IRE) 2 Northern Marking Ltd & Partners
Glen Moss (IRE) 9 Fell & Salthouse
Global Spirit (GB) 3 Mr R. G. Fell
Guardia Svizzera (IRE) 4 Ventura Racing 7 & Partner
Harome (IRE) 4 Middleham Park Racing LXXI & Partner
Hawaam (IRE) 3 Arcane Racing Partnership
Inner Circle (IRE) 4 Ventura Racing 6 & Partner
Justice Pleasing (GB) 5 Mr R. G. Fell
Kupa River (IRE) 4 Middleham Park Racing LXXII & Partner
Lady Mayhem (IRE) 2 Mr R. G. Fell
Memories Galore (IRE) 6 High Hopes 2017
Molly Mayhem (IRE) 3 Nick Bradley Racing 42
Montalvan (IRE) 2 No Current Ownership
Muatadel (GB) 5 Mr R. G. Fell
Mulligatawny (IRE) 5 Middleham Park Racing LI & Partner
Muntadab (IRE) 6 Fell & High Hopes Partnership
Muqarred (USA) 6 Mr R. G. Fell
My Boy Lewis (IRE) 2 Fell & Salthouse
Najashee (IRE) 4 Mr R. G. Fell
Presidential (IRE) 4 Nick Bradley Racing 3,Ian White &Partner
Sienna Says (GB) 3 Mr R. G. Fell
Slaithwaite (IRE) 2 Colne Valley Racing & Partner
ex Sunny Harbor (IRE) 2 Mr R.G. Fell & Mr K. Hamilton
Tadaawol (GB) 5 Fell, Hamilton & Smeaton
Tails I Win (CAN) 2 Nick Bradley Racing 16 & Partner
The Gabba (IRE) 2 Mr S Greenhalgh & Northern Marking Ltd
Two For Two (IRE) 10 Fell & Kelvin
Watheer (GB) 3 Middleham Park Racing CIII & Partner
Yolo Again (IRE) 2 Nick Bradley Racing 28
Zihaam (GB) 4 Nick Bradley Racing 29 & Partner
Zodiakos (IRE) 5 Mr C Varley & Mr R G Fell
ex Zomorroda (IRE) 2 Owner Not Registered
Zylan 6 Mr R. G. Fell